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Video Production Services

Our goal is to unlock the power of storytelling through live and animated video. Why? Because at the heart of what we do is a genuine belief that this is how the very best stories are told.


We want to combine this passion of ours with your need for brand growth to create compelling  videos that deliver measurable results.


Beyond the numbers, we want to inspire and evoke your viewers to feel and act.


We want to breathe life into your story and give it the attention it deserves.


We want to firmly embed your brand where it belongs: In viewers’ minds.

Video Production Services by Levitate Media

Our end-to-end video production process covers everything from initial design to final video delivery.


Along the way, we will provide the video script writing, record the voiceover, develop your story, and compose your video – all with as much feedback as you wish to give.


On that note, we guarantee as many revisions as your heart desires. After all, this is your video, not ours.


Between our dedicated, thorough approach and our diverse, expert team, you’ll find your company – and your brand story! – in the very best hands.


So join us, and let’s explore the many possibilities of video together.


We start with an introduction to your dedicated production team followed by kick-off activities and an outline of next steps.


Our team produces, reviews, and edits full scripts from the details of your solution and the objectives of your video.


The approved script is recorded in high definition by one of our professional voiceover artists that you select.


Our full-service team will take your finalized audio and visual assets and develop the Storyboard and style frames for approval.


We'll now present a full version for your approval. We don't count revisions, so we'll modify until it's perfect.


Once we've finalized the video, we'll receive your approval and render the files for use online and elsewhere.

Video Strategy by Levitate Media

For starters, our video plans are widely multifaceted.


For evidence, simply take a look at our portfolio of previous videos, which ranges in format (see types below), industries (we work with companies large and small in virtually all verticals), and even languages (check out our translation work!).


When it comes down to it, we personalize your marketing video strategy to echo your brand and encompass your distinct company goals.


As we produce the video, we take you along for the ride, welcoming input at any station and making changes accordingly.


At the end of it all, we promise you’ll leave fully satisfied with a distinct product that is sure to leave a worthwhile impression on every single viewer.


The Big Idea Program

So what’s the Big Idea? Well, it centers around a personalized approach aimed at bringing legitimate value to your organization.


We’ll look at at your existing video productions, social media usage, company offering, company size, and more to develop a unique content review.


If you’re new to video production, we’ll establish a nice media foundation to help you visually tell your story and better spread your brand. That said, if you’re already familiar with the ins and outs of video, we still have tons to offer; many clients with video experience rely on us to update older videos and implement brand new styles (particularly live video).


We can also help reduce the stress of filming a large volume of videos on a quick turnaround!


Regardless of your experience, we’ll build up your video presence and refine your media strategy. Whether that requires sculpting a new video or chipping away at an old one, we won’t settle until you are content that the final product meets your needs. That is the Big Idea.

Video Voiceovers by Levitate Media


Every single part of your video influences the audience’s perception. Graphics, text, music, people, product placement, etc… etc… As simple as it sounds, a strong voiceover is just as vital.


A captivating voice inherently garners more attention than one that drones on and on. There’s a fine line between inspiring into action and putting to sleep, but it’s essential that you find yourself on the right side of this line.


Our high definition voice overs are recorded by talented professionals who know the importance of a powerful narration as well as the technique necessary to achieve it. They have the unique ability to mold their intonation to support your particular brand voice in an eloquent manner.


For your part, you’ll have the luxury of choosing between our many voiceover experts to ensure the voice chosen adequately supports your content.


After all, a powerful voiceover can make the difference when trying to connect with listeners, gain their respect, and establish your reputability.


From animated to live action, our videos unleash the power of media to grow your brand and connect with your audience. You’ll answer their questions, address their pain points, and show the value of what you offer… All while putting your company at the center of the solution.


Our videos will think big, speak bigger, and take your company to the next level.


What better way to bring imagination to life than through a creative animated video?


After all, we all love a good, traditional story. With main characters to root for and plots rife with conflict and resolution. We tend to put ourselves in these characters’ shoes and end up experiencing the journey vicariously. We experience their pain, we smile at their joy, and we feel content with their ultimate success. And if Disney’s decades-long success has shown us anything, these characters can certainly be animated.


It should be no surprise that most of us find it easy to emotionally connect with cartoon characters. Perhaps it has to do with the distinct ways such characters express themselves; perhaps it has more to do with how our imagination naturally responds to animated storytelling. Either way, animated videos connect with individuals, meaning they’re an excellent medium for user-centric B2C marketing efforts.


For example, our video for MaidPro takes the viewer on a personal path of finding the right housekeeper with a careful focus on the viewer’s family and recurring pain points. Watching it, we find ourselves joining the characters on their narrative adventure and embracing their ups and downs, so that when MaidPro comes in to save the day, we subconsciously praise their brand as a hero – our hero.


Thus, the focus here is less on what your brand is selling, but on what emotional value your brand will provide each individual human customer.


For a uniquely informative yet casual feel, this video style lets you customize your story’s structure to truly make it your own.


Mimicking a teacher writing on a whiteboard, this style often has text and images drawn out by a quasi pen-in-hand, quickly erased in favor of new scenes as the story progresses. The great benefit of such a style is the variety of narrative elements you can bring together to paint your brand picture. Graphs, charts, stick figures, chat bubbles, basic animations, logos, standard text, etc… – All sorts of visual devices can interweave together to bolster your message.


To elaborate, consider one segment of our video for Tricept: The voiceover mentions “more suppliers” as the hand writes “Over 50” and draws out some of the more prominent supplier names. In just a few short seconds, the whiteboard graphics expounds on the voiceover (by answering the question: “How many suppliers?”) and provides extra details (by showing who exactly some of these suppliers are). A few slides later, you see a different strategy: As the voice discusses “Major Enhancements” and “Improved Functionality,” the pen writes out these terms. Hearing and viewing them simultaneously is a surefire way to emphasize their significance here.


In essence, the interplay of narrative elements in this video style can create a mental hierarchy regarding the importance of various information, which ends up cultivating much more in-depth story. All while keeping it fun and playful with the drawn-out classroom aesthetic.


Captivate audiences of all sizes with breathtaking shots from unthinkable camera angles.


Sometimes, all it takes is that “Wow” factor. Use some of the latest hot technology to capture dramatic, birds-eye views to grab your audience’s attention… And never let it go. Even some of the more by-the-books businesses can quickly inject a jolt of intrigue in their viewers with some out-of-the-box cinematography.


Yet, aerial drone videos aren’t just some flash-in-the-pan gimmick; there’s plenty of legitimate utility to be found. For instance, geographical industries reliant on pinpoint-accurate mapping and 3D topographical models can greatly benefit from a few drone shots. In fact, any expertise that covers wide areas can use aerial footage to better demonstrate their operation’s big picture.


You’ve likely even seen it used to promote real estate square footage or the scope of a large event. Drones have also unleashed the power of media in fields such as farming & agriculture, construction, tourism, and conservation.


Can they do the same for you?


Capitalize on the multimedia available at your fingertips to increase retention and boost the effectiveness of your training content.


eLearning offers a uniquely cost-effective and accessible medium for thinking big and getting others to do the same. To touch on the cost aspect, it’s a practical choice for both sides of screen. On your end, you can easily create your very own reusable resources to build a course or training session on. For your viewers, they can receive personalized content which they can consume at their own pace with no pressure whatsoever. They stand to benefit tremendously as the focus of the video is put on them – to facilitate their growth and learning.


As the video creators, we can tap into this growth in a number of ways.


Think: live-action of a real classroom, whiteboard explainer of certain concepts, motion graphics for complex topics, or even a direct face-to-face speaker monologuing to the viewer. The beauty of eLearning is that you can go down any of these rabbit holes, or even mix and match styles to best support different subjects.


And if you want to put a slight marketing spin on your content, the creative use of various media forms could certainly stand to benefit your future webinar.


For companies with international user bases, our translation and localization services work to accommodate your diverse language and cultural needs.


When transcribing, we take particular pains to ensure content is converted accurately and thoughtfully to avoid having anything lost in translation. We support a great range of languages, from Spanish to Japanese to Punjabi and everything in between. Our goal and promise: To provide a final fluent product in whichever language you choose.


Localization requires a slightly more delicate approach, as we alter content to better communicate with a certain cultural population. On the one hand, this could encapsulate fairly simple changes, such as switching the direction language is presented in or even shifting from American to British English (see our OneSource Virtual video for an example of this). On the other hand, localization edits can be much greater; depending on the culture norms, we may try to completely overhaul the graphics or video style implemented for optimal effect.


Whether translating or localizing, though, our mission remains the same: Empowering your business to optimize your strategy in targeting any given market.


Capture your brand in motion to more effectively convey all sorts of complex information.


Think of this style as a fluid infographic, capitalizing on the power of visual learning to thoroughly explain your desired message. It’s ideal for analyzing data, plotting progress, connecting dots, and examining workflow – basically any higher-level conceptual content. When working B2B, such videos are perfect for demonstrating your utility and showing the proof in the pudding. That’s especially when compared to relatively primitive sales pitch decks – our motion graphic videos are basically next generation Powerpoint presentations, and then some.


You can see several distinct strategies to employing these graphics successfully. In our video for VI Cognizant, the visuals add an eye-friendly complement to some fairly technical language. Together, they provide a nice, wide, macro view of their business processes. For a different approach, take a look at our Biofilm video, which utilizes graphics to carefully show the intricate parts of a drill as well as the entire oil-drilling process. This one provides a more micro look by zooming in to each of the steps from A to Z.


Regardless of how you use the graphics, though, the value of this video style is clear: It readily simplifies that which is considered fairly complex.


Boldly showcase the immense value to be found in any of your specific products or services.


Improve your users’ buying experience with a video that clarifies and demonstrates what a product can do for them. Such a video will give them the knowledge that they would get from a helpful and persuasive store clerk, while gently nudging them in the right direction. By the end of the video, they’ll clearly see value this product can provide, convinced in the need to purchase.


Essentially, you’ll be making their purchasing decision a complete no-brainer.


The focus of this story will be on the product and its positive impact on the lives it touches. Perhaps the latter can take the form of testimonials, or even shots of tangential actors enjoying positive experiences. Regardless, we’ll take your brand values, bottle them down, and have them shine through this spectacular singular product.

From top to bottom, your product video will simultaneously answer all your users’ questions and emphasize the tremendous benefit they stand to gain from your product.


Whatever your business, help it grow through either live or animated productions.


Use one of our many video types – animated, live event, whiteboard explainer, etc…- to answer some all-important questions about your brand. What services and products do you offer? What pain points do you solve? And even larger – What are you company goals? What is your office culture? How did your business originate? Of course, you can also whittle it down to present the finer details of navigating your site, purchasing your goods, and putting them to good use.


This is your opportunity to bring the viewer into your world and help them appreciate the value that you offer. Whether they’re currently aware of it or not, they have pain points and your company has the solution. This message is the underlying purpose of your promotional efforts, and regardless of what your service is, we can help your prospective users hit that “Aha!” epiphany where they realize your worth.


At the end of the day, you’ll use this video to grab attention, emphasize value, and nurture brand loyalty.


Tell your story through a reliable third-party lens to build unbreakable trust with your viewers.


Getting the inside scoop from the proverbial horse’s mouth inherently creates an empathetic connection with the given speaker. Thus, testimonial videos allow you to quickly endear your brand to viewers by demonstrating the legitimate real-life value you provide. After all, in this era of Yelp and TripAdvisor instant feedback, glowing user reviews are essential to brand reputation.


Not only does emotion-filled testimonial give a genuine glimpse into how your product or service has improved someone’s life, it also gives you the chance to show prospective customers that you can do the same for them. For all the typical concern with data and statistical evidence, a heartfelt insider confession can yield unprecedented wonders for your B2C marketing efforts.


Whether your testimonial is the sole focus or you use it for a voiceover, we can help you utilize this medium to gently tug on viewers’ heartstrings and firmly embed your brand in their consciousness.


Empower your brand by taking viewers behind-the-scenes through real-life event footage.


There’s a distinct human element to watching real people going about their business in their natural environment. You can’t help but feel an empathetic pull towards the figures on screen when catching a unique glimpse of a business event in action. For instance, our State Street Global video manages to evoke a strong sense of warmth and professionalism despite consisting of a simple voiced-over montage of clips from a speaker event.


That said, live event video can range in function far beyond voiceover montages. They can be at the forefront of your video, showcasing a speaker’s presentation, or at the very backdrop, simply serving as a visually pleasing highlight reel.


Regardless of how you use it, though, the advantages remain the same: this format fortifies audio and text messaging with visual support. Check out our video for Apttus, in which we reinforce the narration with a blend of live event shots and motion graphics.


In essence, this video production option can simultaneously show and tell your story while adding a healthy dose of professional aesthetic.